Name of the Company

Partnership is a fundamental value of our Company, that's why the name "Investment partners" was chosen.
Our Company considers partnership as the basis of authority delegation and responsibility to each of employee. In turn, Company is responsible for all its obligations and work performed towards clients.
The name "Investment partners" carries openness, decisiveness and aspiration to create strong long-term collaboration between business partners, the result of which is successful attainment of goals set by the client.
Openness and transparency of the Company is a basis of collaboration with clients and it provides credibility and success.

Company history in numbers

  • 2008

    07.10.2008 registered legal entity LLC "AMC "Investment Partners".

  • 2009

    13.05.2009, the Company received a license for professional asset management activities - asset management activity of institutional investors, 29.05.2009 - The status of a financial institution.

  • 2010

    In August 2010, the first corporate investment fund established "INVESTMENT PARTNERS GROUP".

  • 2011

    At the end of 2011, the Company served 12 funds.

  • 2012

    28.11.2012, LLC "AMC "ІNVESTMENT PARTNERS" received general currency license.

  • 2013

    The volume of assets managed by the Company on December 31, 2013 amounted to 6.3 billion UAH.

  • 2014

    Due to the improvement and automation of its operations on December 31, 2014 the Сompany has successfully served 26 funds total volume of assets of more than 6 billion UAH.

  • 2016

    For all the time the specialists AMC "INVESTMENT PARTNERS" was established 72 corporate investment funds, and received 9 new licenses for asset management companies.

  • 2017

    AMC INVESTMENT PARTNERS received a general license for foreign exchange transactions. The term of the license until November 7, 20, 2020.

  • 2018

    The company actively conducts foreign exchange operations on the basis of the general currency license. Provides interest-bearing loans in foreign currency at the expense of joint investment funds to legal entities whose members include CIF under its management.

  • 2019

    During 2019, 50 funds were registered, the number of funds in management increased by 15, and the number of assets in management increased to 29 billion UAH.