Real Estate Funds

Real estate owners / Developers

  • If you're wondering about solution of the following problems,

    the use of corporate fund will allow to resolve them in effective way. Contact us to get a detailed consultation.

    Lack of funds for financing the construction of real estate object

    Search for an optimal mechanism of selling property

    Vulnerability of asset

    Large tax burden

    Unwillingness to freeze funds in illiquid real estate

    High interest rates for bank loans

Today, many construction companies are wondering about finding an effective mechanism for financing their construction projects. The main factors that determine the choice of a particular model of raising funds for construction are: minimal costs, an understandable and convenient model for selling square meters, compliance with all legal norms.

Skillful use of the CIF's capabilities allows not only financing the construction, but also selling square meters without using any additional tools (targeted bonds, forward contracts, etc.).

The possibility of using ISI for investment and financing the construction of housing projects using funds raised from individuals and legal entities is expressly provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On Investment Activity".

Using a corporate fund to finance the construction of real estate is the most optimal model for construction organizations, as it allows you to quickly raise funds for the construction of residential and commercial real estate with minimal costs.

What role should be given to the institution of joint investment in the mechanism of financing real estate construction? How to apply the full potential of the corporate fund and comply with all applicable laws? All these questions can be answered by the specialists of AMC "Investment Partners".